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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Future USA Taekwondo and the Lopez Clan

"We feel no regrets," said Jean Lopez, the oldest of the four siblings who make up the family's fighting roster and the U.S. coach in London. "Because of my family's participation and the way they've carried themselves and represented our country, this sport owes them."

To me that statement seems a little arrogant. Both siblings lost in the first round and after the bouts went straight to blaming it on injuries. 

If you are so injured step back and let your replacement fight. The Olympics is not all about you. It is about your country and how you represent them. 

Well the representation is rock bottom here, Jean seems to think they are all owed something. Steven and Diana would rather lose with their so called injuries than see the U.S have a better chance at a medal.

Diana when fighting looked like she had been practicing for a ball room dancing competition. Seven minutes with no points only to be knocked out of contention in overtime by a soft kick. Steven getting up there in the years putting forth all he had and just not having enough.

Blame it on injuries, blame it on age, Heck even blame it on the fact that you had jet lag. The Lopez family lost and the need to take it as it is. U.S.A Taekwon-Do does not owe them, and with arrogant statements like that you guys can stay home and give someone else a chance who will appreciate getting a chance to compete for their country.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Traveling for tournaments.

When attending tournaments the need for travel will arise sometimes. You may have a short distance to travel or it may be thousands of miles. Costs can start getting expensive after a while. Whether the tournament is for yourself or the kids you may start using that vacation time to attend.

What we try to do is utilize that vacation time for other things too. tournaments are usually over a weekend and to make it there you usually are leaving Thursday or Friday to make it on time. Why not come back a few days later and see some attractions in that area. If you are flying, flights will be cheaper during the week and you can use that money to go toward that extra couple of days activities.

When I am taking the kids to an out of state tournament I always try to see what activities I can plan for them for the couple of days afterward. It makes it a more enjoyable experience for them and I was already using vacation time anyway.

So next time you head to tournament, take a look and see what you can do afterwards whether it be with your family or just some friends from the tournament. Try and make the most out of the time we have.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Discrepancies of judges at martial arts tournaments

I attended a tournament last weekend where I witnessed a few judges that were scoring a lot higher or lower for some of the competitors. I actually witnessed a judge go a full half point higher than the judges on one competitor and a full half point lower on another.

At first I thought this judge must be playing favorites. He must want one of his students to win. But as the day went on I saw it more and more from multiple judges. I even saw one judge look at the others scores before writing anything down.

After viewing all this I realized something. They are not playing favorites; they just have no idea how to judge. This explains why the first judge I witnessed that had given the lowest score, Gave the highest score on the next competitor. He heard the complaining from the crowd and tried to average it somehow by bumping the score up on his next one.

The main issue with judges at some tournaments today is there are never enough of them. Most go with the three judge system, and that leaves very little room for error..

Finding judges for tournaments is tough. Most instructors want to help coach their students and be able to help them with their divisions that day. So we end up with the people that have a quick minute or the actual people who don't know how to judge. Until we have designated judges that are not instructors of a school attending these tournaments we will never see any consistency.

The next choice is some of the students from the schools. That is usually a worse choice than an instructor. These guys if competing have a lot on their mind and usually have very little experience to begin with.

So next time you are at a tournament and you or someone you are supporting doesn’t get that first place that you might have gotten if the third judge had scored correctly.

Don’t get angry just realize that judge probably has no clue what they are doing. Explaining it to the kids is a little harder but they forget a lot faster than the adults and move on.

Remember this is all for enjoyment, if you are not having fun then you probably shouldn’t attend anymore.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why not have other martial arts in the olympics?

We are a week away from the first match in Olympic Taekwon-Do. For the last few years the question has plagued me as to why they do not let Karate, Kung Fu and other similar martial arts compete in this category.

Most tournaments here in the United States have a variety of martial arts in there sparring. All have to follow the same rules and system layout. There is never a clear winner from any certain martial art at any of the tournaments I have watched.

An example of this is a Karate Kumite. The structure is so close to that of the Olympics that it would make sense to have more competition and a larger audience by allowing them to compete.

Some have said it is political which always seems to be the case with the IOC. But it still makes you wonder, If other styles were allowed would there be a larger following? And who would win?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Choosing the right martial arts school for your kids.

When choosing the right martial arts school for your kids a lot of questions will come to mind. Which martial art should I put them in? How much is this going to cost? How do I know it’s a good school?

I have two kids, one is eight and one is six. My wife actually put them in a local Taekwon-Do school a few summers ago because they had a great special going on. The price was $99 for the summer with a free uniform. They had unlimited access to classes and we could take them almost any day of the week.  For the lower price it was something they could try out and see if they were interested.

After summer was over we decided to keep them enrolled there because the instructors were very nice people and our kids seemed to like them. A few months went by and my older child started attending tournaments. After a few tournaments I noticed that some of the other kids were really good. She started to get a little discouraged because she was never winning.

This is when I decided to look around for a school that was a little more competitive for them. Now don’t get me wrong the instructors at the school they were at were great. They just didn’t focus on competition as much as some of the schools these other kids were going to.

After a few weeks I found a school that looked pretty good. I took my oldest to check it out one afternoon. Right away she said she liked it and wanted to switch schools. I told her I would discuss it with her sister and we could come to a decision together. When we got home she raved on about how good this school was and that they would love it if they switched to that one. So they decided to switch.

The next day I went by their current school and explained that they were going to be switching schools because they wanted to focus more on competition. The instructor was very nice and said we were welcome back any time.

The next week the kids start at the new school and seemed to enjoy it. After another year both kids have been doing well in competition and are placing most of the time. One of the issues we do have is making two classes a week like the last school. The schools is a little farther and their schedule does not agree with our work schedules so well.

One thing I have noticed is the difference between taking your kids to practice once a week rather than twice a week. They want to skip class more.

So to answer some of the questions you may have on your mind. Which martial art should I put them in? This depends on a few things. What kind of schools are close to you? Which one will they like better? I have seen most styles at tournaments and they all cater to the younger generation in pretty much the same way. They all teach patience, respect and good behavior.

When looking for a school and you are worried about cost. Call around to a few schools and they will either have beginner specials or offer a week or two free. Never sign a contract. I have heard of horror stories where someone signed a contract and was stuck in it for years. There are plenty of schools that have a month to month system.

And last but not least. How will you know it’s a good school? This is a question only your kids can answer for you. Do they enjoy going? Is the instructor strict but fair? Are they learning anything? The only way to find out if a school is good is to try it out. Between you and your kids you will know what is the good fit.

My kids love both schools they have been to. And I am sure they would have no problem going back to the first school if the had to. But you have to let them decide which ones the like and don't like or they will show no interest and learn to not want to go.

Remember, they can always try other schools and types of martial arts. They only limits are the ones you make for yourself.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Martial Arts Site

Getting tired of all the same old boring martial arts sites. We decided to mix it up a little. We wanted a site with more to offer. We wanted tutorials, tournament information, a community of people who are not just in it for the money.

So we started building something that we could all take part in. We don't just want our community to come read the articles we want them to help write the articles. We want anyone to be able to come to the site and get any information on martial arts that they are looking for.

So let's get this thing started. If you are interested in writing an article please contact us at editor@blitzfighter.com. Lets get the most up to date tournament info submitted so that we can get more people at the tournaments.

And last but not least spread the word.

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